Banned Website Pages in China – Chinese Height


I’ve not posted for a looong time. But today something caught my eye that was ridiculous enough to warrant my attention. Namely, one particular page that is unavailable for viewing in China.

Now, it’s no secret to anyone in the world that there are many of these. And usually the reasons are political, and they are banned so that mainland Chinese people don’t get a balanced view of their own lives and the true political landscape in their own country.

I don’t agree with it, but I do understand it. Political stability and Chinese “Harmony” and all that.

Yet the page that I happened upon while I was doing research for an entirely non-Chinese related article (Ya, I know, people who just randomly search online like to make it sound intellectual by calling it ‘research’, but seriously, I’m so intellectual, and it was research!)

The offending page is this one: World Height Statistics, a seemingly innocuous Wiki page that deals with the average height of people in various countries.

Whenever I come across a page that has been blocked in China, I go straight to my proxy browser to find out what all the ‘HooHa’ is all about. Today, I wasted about five minutes to come to the only possible logical conclusion I could:

That China really doesn’t like their average height to be lower than the Japanese!

Now, in all fairness to China, some idiot has got some strange stats, bearing in mind this is what Wikipedia says:

China, Mainland: 1.721m average height


China, People’s Republic Of, 1,663m

For anyone paying attention, The People’s Republic of China IS the mainland. So why two two different stats? I have no idea, but some one is being a bit stupid.

But the main point – and seriously, I could find no other that could possibly be the reason for the Chinese ban – is this:

Japan 1.707m

chinese height

1942 U.S Military Guide for U.S Soldiers

This makes the Japanese a tad taller than the average stats for ‘China, People’s Republic of,’. Now if you have never lived in China, you may regard this as a ridiculous assumption on my part, but please bear in mind this is the same government who issued the official statement “You have hurt the Chinese people’s feelings.” to the U.K when they entertained the naughty Lama of Tibet (Name changed to protect my site from getting banned.)

If you’ve ever asked a mainland Chinese about the Japanese, and what they think about them, they will always tell you that the Japanese are short. Very short. Why? Because all the propaganda communist war films that are still played regularly on Chinese TV always portray the Japanese as much shorter than the Chinese… like height equals some kind of moral high ground.

So, China has just gone a notch down in my estimation of the governments potential for stupidity. Feel free to go and check it to see if you can find out something else that would ‘hurt the Chinese people’s feelings’ World Height. I doubt you can… I couldn’t, and they don’t ban pages for nothing:

ps. If you’re in China, you’ll not be able to access it, obviously. Unless you use a ‘magic proxy browser’ that is. For more about China’s ‘Cen… sir… Ship’ (yes, this really is a keyword I can’t put) and the way it works, go here: The Firewall (by the way, this is also a banned page in China.)

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